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Here at woofgang we offer a range of Pet sitter services and features to best suit our clients needs. From pet sitting, dog walking, hiking to online shopping and online scheduling.

Overnight Stays & Visits

All Overnight Stays are in the client’s home, where your pets can feel safe and comfortable. Each Overnight Starts from 6 pm (Dinner Time) until 6 am (Breakfast Time). With Overnight Stays, your pets have their pet sitter. Your pet’s walk and feeding are all included in the flat rate services for Overnight Fees. Every pet gets tons of Love, Affection, Playtime, Treats, Freshwater, and Walks during your pet sitter stay in your home. We rotate lights, and water plants, take the garbage out for pick up, and bring in any mail and packages. All Rates are based on a 2 pet maximum; each additional pet will be charged a fee per day.

Dog Walking

A Dog Walker will provide your pet with much-needed exercises with a touch of fun and adventurous trips to learn something productive. The Dog Walker acknowledges the owner and dog’s special needs and caters according to it. Every single time you will be given the same dog walker to make your pet feel comfortable with the same person. (We do not do pack walks unless you are looking for a trail hike, 1 dog minimum, any extra dogs will be charged a fee). Each Dog Walking services offer 30 Minute Walk (great for various dogs), 45 Minute Dog Walk(various dogs), and 60 Minute Walk (for the high-energy breeds).

Pet Sitting

Whether you prefer us to stay with your pet for a certain period instead of taking them out for a long walk, pet sitting is a great choice. Overnight pet sitting works great for medicated or needy pets who always want someone to be around them to feel secure. Pet-sitting also covers significant problems by providing more safety to the pet parents who feel uncomfortable leaving their pets alone at home. This service will be the best fit for you if you have a cat or any other pets that require attention and care without a walk, i.e., cats, amphibians, fish, and much more. Feeding and fresh water are also included in our price.

Pet Taxi

Need someone to transport your pet someplace in a safe and timely manner? Not a problem. We will handle that for you. Whether it’s a trip to the groomer, veterinarian, airport, or even for a ride along with us, then we got you covered with our 24\7 assistance services. For busy professionals with full-time jobs, this is particularly the best opportunity for taking their pets to their weekly appointments without much disturbance. We transport several pets at a time. We use pet carriers in several sizes for the transportation of your pets. Your pets are comfortably secured in pet safety seatbelts.

Trail Hikes

If you want a full day or a short day of some serious exercise and want your best friend to have the time of his or her life, then our trail hikes with an experienced and personal Dog walker/hiker/wilderness member will be glad to help. This is the time when your pet will get the most out of a full day’s expedition of outdoor activities. Fall/Summer and Spring lets us take a dive into lakes and rivers to cool off from a hard day’s hikes. The cool breezes will calm your dog in the hot weather. This would be the most enjoyable experience for your pet. Your pet will be the happiest when being taken back to its natural habitat.

Online Scheduling, Services & Payments

Here at woofgang we offer a range of pet sitter & Dog Walker services and features to best suit our clients needs. From pet sitting, dog walking to online shopping (coming soon) and online booking, we strive for perfection. We all want to know what we expect when we get home. No matter where you are, you will be notified when your dog walker has completed the job with details attached through notifications via email or text message. You can Schedule Pet Sitter Services, Cancel, and also pay for your services all in the same place. Now isn’t that convenient? Contact us to find out if we have a Dog walker or Pet sitter near you.

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