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Pet owners mostly avail pet sitting services when they go for a trip, travel for a business meeting, work long hours a day or when get sick and unable to care for their pets. We provide overnight pet sitting Westchester County with loving care in their own home. With Overnight Pet Care, one of our professional and well trained staff will spend the night taking proper care of your pet’s food, water, bathroom, and exercise needs.

Safety Measurements

All of our pet sitters staff must complete a safety certification training. After finishing the curriculum, they must take a quiz to earn our security certification. Not just during the COVID epidemic, we consistently follow the safety advice to restrict roaming within our clients’ homes and assist in maintaining good interactions with the pets.

Leaving your pet in its own environment takes the stress out of moving to a kennel or boarding house. Keeping pets at home and following their routine can reduce the stress and anxiety they may experience while you are away.

Thoroughly Inspected Sitters

We hire sitters after conducting a complete background check and thorough interviews.

Security of Your Home

We as the best Pet Sitter Westchester County, NY understands that the security of your house or apartment is a top consideration. Here’s how we keep your home safe while you’re away: Only the head office of the location and the sitters have access to your key or entry code. We keep track of all critical movements, so if your sitter wants a key, they must submit a request. If you have an access code for your house, it will only be accessible to your sitter throughout service hours.

Our Flexible Schedule

Woofgangwalker LLC understands that your pet is a very important member of your family. That’s why we are committed to facilitate surprising pet care that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We believe pets deserve what they crave: “Love, adore, exercise, care, and the best possible attention!”

We accept last-minute appointments and timetable modifications to ensure that your pet receives the best care possible.

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The pet service in Westchester County is likewise dedicated to making pet ownership safe, simple, and inexpensive. so everyone may benefit from a pet’s unconditional love. We’re into anything you and your pet kids are into. We’ve got your back, too. Anywhere, at any time.

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Woofgangwalker LLC recognize that your pet is a member of the family. You can rely on us to maintain your pet as happy, healthy, and affectionate as ever.