Woof Gang Walkers


Currently there are no additional costs for regular walks and pet sitting unless extra time for feeding, cleanup, medications & if there are other pets that require pet care if requested. The maximum is two pets per household for the regular charges.

Key charges: We require 2 keys minimum before the start of a newly serviced client, one key stays with your walker/sitter and one key stays in the office in a safe box.  If client does not provide two sets on keys an additional charge to make a key will be on your next invoice,

Yes, all pets get fresh water upon arrival at your home. Feeding is included with a (Pet Sitting Visit) which is 30 minutes long and walk and feed is included in the rate. Your Pet sitter will mark off that your pet received food and water upon completion of all visits.

We do take last minute cancellations and bookings but there will be a fee assessed to every cancellation or request. So please make sure that when you do cancel that you are 100% sure you do not need a service for that day because you will get charged two fees for cancelling and rescheduling. We have other clients and a pretty busy schedule so the constant changes in scheduling can get pretty hectic.

All overnight stays start from 6pm to 6am (midday walks not included in price). All overnight stays included bringing in the mail & Packages, taking out the garbage, Rotating lights, Plant watering, constant Love and affection for your pet.  Fresh water, unlimited walks, Feeding(breakfast & Dinner), snuggling with your furry friends and never ending spoiling from one of our specially hand picked pet sitters.

In the event of an emergency we will contact the owner and if there is immediate medical attention required, we will rush your pet to the nearest medical facility or one that you have listed in our online system. All clients are required to sign a veterinary release form in case of an emergency.

As a mater of fact we do! If you need your pet(s) driven to the vet, groomer, airport or other place thats within the westchester county area then we can help you with that.  Flat rates are charged for each way driven to and from destination. Any exceeded distance limit beyond the neighboring towns will get charged per mile extra on top of the flat rates.

We all hate it when we forget our keys, lose our keys or even break our keys.

Not a problem, we can have your walker/sitter come to your home and give you a spare key if you lost your key.  If you return the same key, no charges will be assessed in making a spare key to return to the walker/sitter.

There is NO charge for this service but TIPS are welcome and Greatly appreciated since your sitter/walker went out of his/her way to help in the time of need.

Yes we provide house checks.

Whats in included in the house check?

Watering plants, rotating lights, bringing in all packages & mail, and taking out the garbage if needed.

When the walker/sitter gets to your home they start the service on our special app, upon completion of the service you will receive a report that will let you know about your pets daily walk/sit.

Rates do change from time to time but they do not change by much. If there are any rate increases or decreases, you will receive notification promptly.


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