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We’ve implemented several changes to ensure the best pet groomer in Westchester County. Our clients are pleased with the health and safety of our employees and consumers. Depending on your pet’s size, hair type, and services selected, grooming visits might last anywhere from hours.

Pet Grooming Services Westchester County

One of our safety-certified grooming professionals will check your pet’s skin, coat, ears, fingernails, and teeth to ensure that their specific needs are met.

While our stylists are aware of any behavioral or health challenges, this is an excellent opportunity to express any extra concerns, preferences, or special needs. Our Pet Stylist will comb, wash, and trim your dog’s hair after washing to eliminate unwanted hair or knots. We’ll also clean the animal’s ears and trim its nails.

Our Grooming Salons Offer

Stylists who have completed many hours of instruction and a six-month apprenticeship

Availability of the Best pet groomer in Westchester County

Nail trimming, grinding, dental cleaning, ear cleaning, trimming, de-matting, and other walk-in treatments are available. Express treatments include uninterrupted salon services, reducing your pet’s time in the salon. Several of the city’s locations offer dog grooming and bathing services. Our Certified pet service in Westchester county use effective and pleasant positive reinforcement techniques in public and private settings.

Our Grooming Procedure

Bath time is made more enjoyable with Woofgangwalker LLC soothing bath system. Our salon professional will begin by shampooing and conditioning your pet with the shower gel. All the skincare products we use are ionic strength for dogs and provide gentle washing without over-drying their skin.

Starting with a soft towel drying on your pet’s face, ears, and tail, the drying procedure continues. Our dryers aren’t heated. However, our pet groomer do have variable speeds. Various breeds have different demands.

Thus each pet is dried gently and comfortably using the best method available. Pet grooming services Westchester county guarantee that there are no more tangles and that you’re pet has the best-looking haircut.

Grooming Workshop

A fantastic thing to learn about training is attending an awareness program. Our one-hour hands-on training will prepare you for toilet training, crate training, socializing, and the vet or groomer visits.

Initiate your dog off on the right ankle by educating him on the principles of good behavior he will remember for the rest of his life. A one-week introductory dog training program focuses on building with its owner and educating them.

This course also covers socializing and how to avoid typical problem behaviors. Sit, Down, Wait, Walking Properly on a Rope, Follow Commands, Leave It, and many other commands we taught to them.

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The pet service in Westchester County is likewise dedicated to making pet ownership safe, simple, and inexpensive. so everyone may benefit from a pet’s unconditional love. We’re into anything you and your pet kids are into. We’ve got your back, too. Anywhere, at any time.

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Woofgangwalker LLC recognize that your pet is a member of the family. You can rely on us to maintain your pet as happy, healthy, and affectionate as ever.